Room For Mistakes

Many months ago I went into a McDonald's after exercising. I know those two don't really go together. I was not really paying attention when I entered the rest room. Not seeing the urinal I used a stall. As I was washing I thought how strange this McDonald's does not have a urinal. Thats when it hit me, I entered the wrong rest room. I exited very quickly. Thank God I did not meet anyone in there. Could you imagine what would have happened if I came out of the stall and meet a woman or a child. I probably would not be able to convince anyone that it was a mistake.

This got me thinking one of the problems with the our society today is that there is less room for people to be wrong, make mistake, or goof up. I am not talking about intentional bad actions. If someone on purpose breaks a rule then they need to suffer the consequences of their action. However, we really need to be relaxed understand that people make mistakes without realizing it and not be so hard on people when they do. None of us do everything correctly all the time. We need to give people a little benefit of doubt. Make room in your life for other people to be wrong.

Building Together

For Christmas my sister and my daughter bought this ginger bread house kit. The house was suppose to be altogether and all you had to do was decorate it. The box however had been crushed and the house inside was in small pieces. My daughter and I spent the next hour slowly gluing the walls and roof back together with icing (the tastiest glue). Then she decorated it. If you look at the house you can make out some of the places where we repaired it. I had a lot of fun rebuilding this little house with my daughter. Maybe more fun than she did decorating it.

This little house reminds me of relationships. Sometimes life can crush them but if everyone involved is willing to work at you can rebuild them and have fun doing it.

People Are Like Software

The are some who believe that people are basically good and there are others who believe that people are basically bad. I put forward the idea that all have the potential for doing good or bad and all are broken (Biblical world view).

All of the mainstream computer software used today has bugs in it. Whether it is the OS or an application. The bugs do not stop us from using it. They just get in the way. Sometimes your computer crashes and sometimes the app just quiets unexpectedly. As time progresses the manufacturers make patches that fix some bugs.

People are the same. We come into this world not a perfect clean slate but immature and buggy. As we grow parents, teachers and others instill in us bug and security patches. Hopefully making us better but not always. Even God steps in and makes some major upgrades and patches if we humble ourselves before him. So the next time you see someone doing things that are wrong or will cause themselves harm don’t think them a loss cause but someone in need of an upgrade.

One caveat just like a data file can be so corrupt that you can’t retrieve the information form it so to are some people. Everyone else is in danger so long as that person is free.

Mr. Dasher or Mr. Jessie

I was corrected a while back about calling people by Mr. or Mrs. First Name. I was told either you know a person well enough to call them by their first name or you don't and you need to use salutation and last name. Now that may be the PROPER way to do it but it may not be the best way.

My name is Jessie I prefer for people to call me by that. At church I know all the children well and they have known me for years. I don't want them to call me Mr. Dasher. I would prefer them to call me Jessie but parents feel their children need to use the Mr. So I am Mr. Jessie and I am okay with that and I have done the same with my children. And if this affends the rules of ediquite then it is time to amend them. When children start college they can skip the Mr. After all in the family of God they are my brothers and sisters and you don't use a salutation or a tittle with a brother or sister.

Let's dig a little deeper. They did not call Jesus Mr. Anything. They called him Jesus and we still call him Jesus. Yes, he is Lord and sometimes we call him that but he approves of Jesus. Paul was called Paul. He did not go by Mr. Anything or Dr. Whatever. He was called Paul. He signed his letters Paul. I think that maybe we have gotten a little hung up on titles in our society.

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