Stop the War on Drugs

We as a nation have been fighting the war on drugs since Nixon was president (45 years). It is time to stop. We are not winning. Worse the war mentality has reshaped the way we train our police so that they think more like soldiers in combat and less like civilian peace keepers.

Before continuing my article I want you to understand that I believe most police officers are good people and don’t want to ever take the life of another human. That is based on the ones that I have met and know. They have a difficult job. [It is difficult mainly because of the War on drugs.]

Back to article.

Citizens killed by police annually is a small number compared to citizens killed by other citizens but that does not make it easy to accept. Last week an officer shot a man who was complying with the officer instructions. It will be months before all the details are put before the public but mark my words he will be found to have followed standard police practice. Just like the officer who shot a teen in 2014 when he answered the door holding a WII remote. Between these two there have been to many questionable deaths of citizens at the hands of the police.

These types of deaths are raising public unrest and causing the police to be mistrusted. Neither of these things is good for this nation. I put before you that the biggest influence in this has been our war on drugs. Even the name suggest violence and many of those citizens murdering citizens incidents have their roots in the war on drugs.

We have dug hole that is so deep that I think it would take 5 to 10 years for use climb out but we still need to end this war on drugs.

The war however will not end until the people demand it. For government bodies do not want to end the war for they have become addicted to the money they get from confiscating property and cash. Drug dealers and pharmaceutical companies don’t want the war to end because you end it by legalizing it. If granny can legally grow some weed in her back yard she won’t have a need for pharmaceutical companies or drug dealers.

My critics would say, “You have over simplified this.” Yes, I have but I tell you when you’ve been doing something for 45 years and the problem is only getting worse, then you are doing it the wrong way. Portugal decriminalized drug possession in 2001 and it is working for them. It is time for us to look for a new way. I am not saying it will be easy or that we need to mirror Portugal’s way but if we don’t change then be prepared for more deaths.

God have mercy on us.

IPO A Telltale Sign

Most know that IPO stand for initial public offering. It is often offered when a company wants to do some expansion or when the owner of a company is wanting to cash out on his investment. But I am starting to believe that IPO is when a company sells it soul for money. Once a company is publicly traded its priority shifts towards maximum profits. Not that a single owner is a guaranty of benevolent operation just maybe more likely.

Stock holders want an increase in the value of their stock and/or dividends. Therefore their desire dictates the direction of the company. Ultimately it leads to a company having the priority make more money. I am not saying it happens overnight but an IPO is the telltale sign. The core problem is really greed. So the next time your contemplating the downturn in our economy remember that it is in a large part due to the greed of public trading corporation acting on the desires of their shareholders.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (1 Timothy 6:10, NKJV).