I guess about a month ago Ronny and I began watching Columbo on Netflix. I am throughly enjoying it. We have one more episode and will complete season three. Netflix has seven seasons of the show which ran from 1968 to 1978. There are three more seasons from 1989 to 2003.

I have been a long time fan of the murder mystery genre. One my favorites is the BBC Midsomer Murders. Columbo is a different kind of murder mystery. It is not a "who done it" but a "how to catch them." Most murder mysteries start with a dead body and then the detective must find the clues to the killer. In Columbo you see who is the murder and how he did it within the first five minutes. Even Columbo guesses who the murder is at the beginning. The rest of the show is watching Columbo figure out how to catch the person.

But Columbo is even more intriguing in that he often aggravates the killer with question after question and bumbling antics until he gets the killer to make a move in frustration that reveals he is guilty. It is funny how the murder get so frustrated in dealing with Columbo. You may think that is good acting until you read the history of the show. Peter Falk who play Columbo often broke from the script and ad libbed in ways to actually frustrate the guest stars playing the murderers. He did it so their frustration would be more real. That cracks me up.

Another interesting thing about Columbo is that the show started in 1968 so I get peek in the world of when I was just a baby. Of course like any TV show America life is not portrayed accurately but still it is interesting to see the styles of clothes, hair, cars, computers and everything of that time period. What is ironic is some things the older generation today disapproves of was actually the style when they were in their twenties and thirties.

So if you want a show that that feels you with suspense of how he is going to catch them and gives you a giggle at life in America forty years ago I recommended Columbo.

Stop the War on Drugs

We as a nation have been fighting the war on drugs since Nixon was president (45 years). It is time to stop. We are not winning. Worse the war mentality has reshaped the way we train our police so that they think more like soldiers in combat and less like civilian peace keepers.

Before continuing my article I want you to understand that I believe most police officers are good people and don’t want to ever take the life of another human. That is based on the ones that I have met and know. They have a difficult job. [It is difficult mainly because of the War on drugs.]

Back to article.

Citizens killed by police annually is a small number compared to citizens killed by other citizens but that does not make it easy to accept. Last week an officer shot a man who was complying with the officer instructions. It will be months before all the details are put before the public but mark my words he will be found to have followed standard police practice. Just like the officer who shot a teen in 2014 when he answered the door holding a WII remote. Between these two there have been to many questionable deaths of citizens at the hands of the police.

These types of deaths are raising public unrest and causing the police to be mistrusted. Neither of these things is good for this nation. I put before you that the biggest influence in this has been our war on drugs. Even the name suggest violence and many of those citizens murdering citizens incidents have their roots in the war on drugs.

We have dug hole that is so deep that I think it would take 5 to 10 years for use climb out but we still need to end this war on drugs.

The war however will not end until the people demand it. For government bodies do not want to end the war for they have become addicted to the money they get from confiscating property and cash. Drug dealers and pharmaceutical companies don’t want the war to end because you end it by legalizing it. If granny can legally grow some weed in her back yard she won’t have a need for pharmaceutical companies or drug dealers.

My critics would say, “You have over simplified this.” Yes, I have but I tell you when you’ve been doing something for 45 years and the problem is only getting worse, then you are doing it the wrong way. Portugal decriminalized drug possession in 2001 and it is working for them. It is time for us to look for a new way. I am not saying it will be easy or that we need to mirror Portugal’s way but if we don’t change then be prepared for more deaths.

God have mercy on us.

Unsolicited But Good Advice

Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters,

Every Christian should have a goal of reading in their Bible daily. Psalm 119 the longest chapter in the Bible teaches the importance of the word of God in a person's life. Paul wrote encouraging Timothy “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,  that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16, 17, NKJV). Basically every word from “In the beginning” (Genesis 1:1) to “Amen” at the end of Revelation 22:21 is good for you. Sadly many Christians neglect to develop a habit of reading their Bible. So let me encourage you to pick up your Bible and read.

Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Get a plan. There are many reading plans available on the internet. Modern study Bibles have a reading plan in them. Many of these reading plans are organized so that some of the more exciting material is read with some of the more fundamental material. This helps keep your interest up while reading. If you need a plan, contact me.

  • Don’t try to read to much at one sitting. Just read an average of 15 minutes a day. This gives you less material to digest. Reading for an hour straight will make it hard to understand all the little sections you read. The Bible is not a novel to be consumed.

  • Don’t become discouraged when you don’t understand what you are reading. Many sections are not understandable until you have read other sections. Some sections you just won’t understand the first few times you read them. God has to make them click in your head. When you do not understand, ask God for help. He promised to give wisdom to all who ask steadfastly. Make a note of the passage and ask your Pastor or Sunday School teacher for help.

  • Don’t think you’ll understand it all. You will not understand anything before God wants you to. Some sections have more than one application in your life. So even if you think you understand, God can show you more. This is one reason why the Bible is called the living word. It seems the more I learn, the more I realize I need to study.

  • Get a friend to hold you accountable. It is helpful when you and a friend use the same plan. Then you can call on each other for help in understanding what you read.

  • Don’t quit if you miss a day, two or more. Pick up your plan and start where you left off. You are trying to build a new a habit.

Last but not least here are some basic questions to ask yourself as you read. “Is there a lesson to be learned? Is there a promise to be claimed? Is there a sin to avoid or repent of? Is there a truth to understand?”

May the Lord bless you as you pick up His Word.

Not Our Enemies

I am so tired of the us versus them mentality that has crept into Christians. I believe very strongly that Jesus died to bring peace between God and me. I gladly call men and women that believe likewise brothers and sisters. But brothers and sisters we are not supposed to be the ones persecuting people. Jesus does not care that some secular company is not putting Christmas on their cups or that another company calls them holiday trees. We are not guard dogs sent to protect the holidays.

We are people that have sinned against a holy God. We deserve to be eternally separated from Him. The only difference between us and them is that by His grace we have been given faith to believe in Jesus. We are commanded to be Jesus' loving hands to those who don't yet know that grace.

Today, I had a misunderstanding with an acquaintance that I think I have straightened out. The thing is, the misunderstanding probably would not have occurred if some devout yet misguided brothers and sisters were not stirring up trouble. Brothers and Sisters, we are making it hard to proclaim the love of Jesus.

People who don't believe that Jesus is the Lord and Savior are not our enemies. They are our mission field. They don't need our condemnation. They need Jesus' love.

Bluetooth Headset

Have you ever began to talk to someone and then realize that they are already in a conversation with someone on their Bluetooth headset? If not you will. Bluetooth is fantastic for hands free cell phone operation. They however need a call indication light. That way someone can see you are on a call before they start talking to you.

Several times I have come home and my wife was listening to someone on her Bluetooth and I interrupted because I could not tell. I happen to come in at the right moment when she was listening. A blinking blue light would have kept me from interrupting.

Here is what I propose. All photo cameras should go click when they take a picture, even the digital. All video cameras should have a red light on when recording. All Bluetooths should have blinking blue light when in a call but I am not going to hold my breath on this happening.

Put Down the Phone

You could ask any of my friends, I love technology and the convinces of tech but risking your life is crazy. When you are in the car leave your phone alone. There is no need to text, check email, or carry on a long conversation. When you talk on the phone and ignore you passenger annoy them.

If your life is so busy that you feel you have to conduct business while driving then you are to busy. Cut out something or hire a driver and get more work done. Most people are not that busy they just have something they feel they need to say. Think about all the things people tell you. Now average out how important you find that information. That is how import your stuff is to them.

While I am at put down the Whopper and the taco. Maybe you want a quick snack. I get sometime I do to but get something that is not messy. Looking down and cleaning your shirt is just dangerous as texting.

A good thing to do in the car is to think. Think about your day and what your really need to do or what you really need to say to someone. Just talk to God and thank him for your blessing. If you have passengers listen to them. Your mouth does not have to run all the time.

I don't think we need outlaw this behavior. It is my understanding that every state that has enacted a law forbidding texting and driving the number accidents involving texting has gone up. If someone is driving home at night and sees a blue light in her mirror I want them to be able to call 911 and verify that it is a cop. The best reason that we don't need a law is because laws don't fix stupid. You know I am right.

Really consider what you do behind the wheel of car. The life you save maybe your own.


It baffles me why people harass, pick on, make fun of, and condemn other people's views, religion and etc and then they wonder why the other people are harassing, picking on, making fun of and condemning them. When you make people feel threaten they will threaten back. If you want to be respected then you must first respect others. You can disagree with other people's views with out making them feel threaten.

Challenge Yourself

Following and or reading people that you only agree with will hinder your ability to understand the world. You don't have to immerse yourself in the opinions of those you don't agree with but you should have a patient ear for their view. Who knows you may be wrong and actually change your mind or because you are willing to listen to them they may reconsider their position but yelling at them or just ignoring them will not benefit anyone.

It is a big world there is plenty of room for all of us.