End Biannual Time Change

Please contact your senator and representative. Let's end this madness. It is really very easy. The two links below will help you find them. Mine had a web form to contact them by.



Sample text for email, letter or web form:
It would be useful if you would end the spring and fall time change. I don't care wether we keep the summer or winter schedule but stop the madness.


New Date/Time

I really liked the Swatch Beats time system. Dividing a day into 1000 beats is great idea. Decimal time! The problem with it was that it could still be a day off from one place to another because of the international date line. They needed to rethink not just time of day but the month, day and year. Lots of people have tried to update the calendar but that has not worked out yet because you just can't change the days in the months. Thirteen 4 week months would be nice. I believe in that system every 5 or 6 years you have a leap week. People will not go for it because the current calendar is ingrained on their brain.

But I have an idea. My proposal for international date/time. We already count years by a decimal system so we will leave that alone. Many companies do scheduling based on the week number but there is the EU week system that begins on Monday and the US week system begins on Sunday. However some US companies that do a lot work over seas use the EU week number system. So forget the argument it is all arbitrary anyway we use the EU week number system. For the days there is just seven. So date/time would be Year Week Day @Beat. I am currently writing this on 2012 32 5 @92. Exactly one week from now is 2012 33 5 @92. Did you see how easy that is? So to keep the year/day in sync we have a 53rd week about every 5 years. (There is an exact formula so that solstices stay within a three day range.)

Someone may say "Well why not just use UTC date/time for everything?" First most people of the world will never get used to the idea of noon being at an odd time. For instance people here were I live will never accept noon at 6 a.m. UTC. Second if world date/time is a different system they will accept that where they live noon is 250 beats and 100 miles West noon is at 300 beats and the next generation will find intuitive. Third My system looks different enough so that it will register in people's minds as being different and yet it is simple enough to learn.

Steps to change the world.

  1. Some one need to convince Swatch to go the extra step and put year week day on their web site. (also move the meridian to the same at UTC). If they do it right they could be forever in the history books.

  2. Get the phone Beat app developers to add year week day.

  3. Get Facebook, Google and Skype to add it to their apps. Not as an option but always present in slightly larger font than the local date/time they display.

  4. Get smartphone makers add it.

  5. Make it visible every where. Yes, many place will have there own local time with their traditional calendars but if it is seen every where then over time it will become the norm.

None of this is really new I have just compiled it in a new way.

Is Your Web Site In The Way

by @photodash

Today I was doing some research on small trucks. I went to GM, Ford, Toyota, and Dodge’s web sites. All four of them are good example of web sites getting in the way of selling a product. Yes they look great and are full of flash (I hate flash) but finding information is not simple. The first thing they want to do is point you to the nearest dealer. I don’t want to go to a dealer. I not looking to buy a vehicle today or even this year. I just wanted to know the specification on their small trucks.

Why can’t it be as simple as researching a computer. Maybe the automotive companies believe that by obfuscating their information they can force more people to go to a dealer.

If you are in charge of a web site remember that a visually busy page may be entertaining and eye catching but it does not help customers find what they are looking for. A web site needs to be as easy to navigate as an iPad is to use.

Wedding Daze

A while back I was doing some research and found that many weddings use to be done following the morning worship service at the church. At the end of the service the pastor would ask the couple to come forward and a brief service would be conducting as opposed to todays modern extravagant production. Back then the vow to one another was the most important thing. Today the event appears to be the most important. Brides and grooms please remember that it is the vows that you are making to one another that you are to honor with the rest of you life. When the day is over it is the vows that will help your marriage survive not the beauty of the day. Enjoy your extravagant wedding just spotlight the vows. Also remember that the guest are are



One last note to the mothers and mother-in-laws, it is the bride's wedding so bite your tongue when she wants to do her wedding a different way than you would do it.