Hurricane Michael Was a Cat 5


NOAA acknowledges that Hurricane Michael was a category 5. 

Their words, “While there remains uncertainty, based on the data described above NHC’s post-analysis assessment of Michael’s landfall intensity is 140 kt, making the hurricane category 5 on the Saffir- Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale at landfall. “

140 kt is 161 mph. 

You can read their 86 page report below.

Twitter Not So Bad, IF

Twitter Following.png

People that have known me for years know about my on again and off again relationship with Twitter. Well I have finally found, I think, a balance with the use of it. It seems to be working rather well this way. All I do is follow some local, national and international news sites, some of which are visible in the picture. I follow 15 at the moment. I don't follow any individuals, I don't DM anyone and I don't retweet. I don't really tweet anything besides my blog post. It turns out this makes for a rather useful and pleasant Twitter experience. Every morning I scroll through my Twitter feed and see what happened in the last 24 hours. Sometimes I'll check it at night.

So if you find that your Twitter use is raising your blood pressure then maybe you should just unfollow everyone and add back just a few news feeds. Because who really needs 500 hundred retweets in their Twitter stream of the same news article.

Stop Taking Quizzes on Facebook

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.59.59 AM.png

I have been telling people for years that you should not take quizzes on facebook. They are offered by companies to get information from you so they can sell it. It has now come to light that not only do these companies get to scrap your data (not just the answer to the questions you give them) but they get to scrap all your friends data.

So stop taking quizzes. Don't do it. It doesn't matter if they promise to tell you the comic book character you are most like. Just say no.

While we are on the topic of facebook don't share a story you have only read the the tittle to. I mean why are you telling everyone they need to read something you have not read.


I have given up on Twitter so many times. This time I deleted my account. I just would rather visit a news providers web site once a day than follow their Twitter stream. It is too easy for one sites twits to be lost in the excessive chatter of another. I kept paring down who I was following until I was just following a few. If Twitter had just made using list easier on mobile I would have stuck with it a little longer. What I would have loved is an option to pay like $20 a year to have an ad free version and I could only be @ replied by other paying users. Oh, well, I hope they do well with the customers they seek.

CD RW Drive Life Lesson

My computer is a 2010 Mac Mini. It is equipped with a SuperDrive. This allowed me to watch DVDs, listen to CDs and make my own DVDs/CDs. Somewhere around 2013 the internal SuperDrive ejection mechanism broke so I bought an LG external drive. It has served me well. Today I fired it up and it died.

At home I have a 2002 IOmega CD drive. I used it for years attached to another computer. When that computer reach the end of it's life I just stored it in box. The specs on the IOmega drive are not near as good as the SuperDrive or the LG drive. It's read speed is like 25% of the other two.

IOmega's performance over the other two drives is stellar. Because even though it's slow at reading the CD it is at least reading the CD whereas the other to just sit and spin.

Many times I have save old computer equipment because it still functions it's just been replaced by something better. This time that old hardware came through for me.

There's a life lesson in this. Just because you feel old and slow doesn't mean that you are useless. Because if the new and fast ain't working then you're working circles around them.


Am I the only one annoyed by the inconsistency between Twitter on the iPhone and on the iPad. The fact that the menu moves from the bottom of the iPhone screen to the left side on the iPad is understandable. They are making the most use of the space. What is annoying is the menu options change. The iPhone has timelines, notifications, messages and me. On the iPad instead of messages they have discover and they hide messages on the me page. On iPhone you get to list by me > settings > lists. On the iPad it is me > scroll down > lists. There is no good reason they could not made it the same.

Technically timelines on the iPhone is not the same as home on the iPad, even though it uses the same icon. Timelines gives you a left/right slide between home, discover and activity. On the iPad to get to activity you have to go to discover, it is under trending.

The only thing I can figure is that even though it is a universal app the interface was done by two different people. It would be nice to be able to force the iPad to use the iPhone interface.

It is the little things like this that will be the end of Twitter.

(Please forgive the grammar and spelling. It was near midnight when I posted this rant.)

Mac OS 11

As Mac OS X is currently at version 10.7.4 and soon to advance to 10.8 some wonder when will Apple announce Mac OS 11. Mac OS X is a radical change at the core level from its predecessor OS 9. OS X added new tricks and flash to the user interface but it is still a point and click operating system. Mac OS X did not change the way people used computers or thought of computers it just made the experience better.  

But what about 11. I tell you it is already here and Apple calls it IOS 5 and or you can visualize it as OS 11.5. IOS has changed the way people think of computers. IOS and OS X may share much of their core but IOS user interface and operation (no user facing file system) is as different to OS X as the core of OS X is to OS 9. Mac OS 10.8 will add more IOS like features. You can expect Mac OS X to morph into IOS (11). It would not surprise me to see a Mac OS 10.10 before we see a product called Mac OS 11. So you can stop wandering about 11 and maybe start dreaming of 12. Which will be called Apple OS and run on all their hardware from the phone to the desktop.

Note: I did miss the way you could use Apple menu in OS 9 to launch Apps versus the dock in OS X but I now I find Launchpad an IOS transplant to OS X superior to both the menu and the dock.

I Detest Google Instant Search

I love most Google products but instant search is not one of them. It drives me crazy. I don't know which is worse that as I type it keeps flashing the screen as it tries to guess what I am looking for or that it limits search results to 10. For some reason it turns on every few days. You search for help turning it off the answer keeps coming back to you must be clearing your cookies. Not that I can find. But should cookies matter if I am longed in. Why can't Google see hay every time Jessie searches for something he turns of instant search and sets search results to 50 maybe we should quite turning it on. Today I turned it off and saved my settings. Went back to Google search and it was on again.

If Google would bother reading their own help forum they would see that a lot of people have this issue. It would not surprise me that some people have just given up. Now Google offers instant search option on images. That is not going to end well but at least it is opt-in. Why isn't it opt-in for web search as well.