I just read an interesting article about Lego. You can read it here. It got me thinking. Legos were one of my favorite toys when I was growing up. Right up their with my tinker toys and erector set. I loved and still do love building things.

I had adventures all over the world and galaxy with legos. One involved a friend of mine who taught me how to make bottle rockets motors. Then he and I would strap the rocket motors to lego dragsters we made and launch them across the porch.

Later in life with my son grew old enough to play with legos I gave him my old Legos. We had many adventures together. I did not teach him how to build bottle rocket motors but a few of the legos had the burn scars from when I was a teen.

I must confess that even as I an adult I have played with legos. Once while my family was gone a three week trip, I built a castle using all of my sons legos.